Great Protein Foods

protein-rich foodsEating protein-rich foods is a great way of fulfilling your appetite and protein also has a fat-burning power. There are great sources of protein, you can acquire it from meat, fish and there are also plant-based proteins.

Full-fat cottage cheese and full-fat yogurt are great. It is a great food to help keep you lean-for-life. Two cups of full-fat (not low-fat) cottage cheese contains about 2 teaspoons of sugar, even though it isn’t sweet, and only 20 grams of fat. Fish is also one source of protein, it contains so little fa, but it contains lots of water and protein. With all the wonderful varieties of wild-caught fish, no one needs to be eating exclusively red meat, unless you choose to.

Red meat like ground sirloin burgers and steak is a great source of protein as well as PEOs . As long as the meat is natural/organic or from grass-eater animals they will help you keep lean-for-life for grass contains great amounts of PEOs. You can prepare your steak with small portion of green beans sautéed in butter. It’s a quick, delicious, appetite-fulfilling, inexpensive and will surely keep you on the right path to staying lean-for-life. Some vegetables are great sources of protein too as well as PEOs like nuts and beans. There are selected nuts like almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds that contain protein.

Becoming and staying lean-for-life is not quite a hard task as long as you know what to eat. Your choice of meal has a great effect on your body that’s why you have eat more protein-rich foods than high-carb foods.


Mike Maunu – Founder