How Does PEOs Help Your Body

Parent Essential OilsIn order to function properly, your body needs essential fats to supply sufficient oxygen needed by your body. EFAs are oxygen-absorbing. To get the sufficient Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs that your body need, you have to acquire it through the foods that you consume the Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3. You have to consume foods with high amounts of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs to get the EFAs needed by your body.

You have to consume Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 whole or in their “Parent” form. This means the food that you consume should not be processed foods because they contain adulterated PEOs that can cause diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease or CVD.

You should consume unadulterated PEOs like fresh fruits and vegetables. They are fresh and contain great amount of PEOs in their “Parent” form. They also contain other nutrients that your body needs to become healthy and lean-for-life. PEOs do not contain harmful chemicals that could cause illness to human body. Processed foods lose all the PEOs and nutrients that your body needs.

Meat from animals that only eats grass is also a good source of PEOs. You can cook them, but don’t overcook it. Just cook it enough to kill the contaminating bacteria in the surface of the meat. There are also some nuts that contain PEOs like almonds and walnuts.

In order to get the right amount of EFAs to help distribute the oxygen needed inside your body, you have to consume lots of PEOs form the food that you eat. PEOs also help you become healthy and lean-for-life and have a beautiful skin, hair and nails.


Mike Maunu – Founder