Importance of PEOs

Parent Essential OilsHuman body needs special fats like Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) to function normally. We need to consume special fats to help transport sufficient oxygen to reach the cells. These special fats are called Essential fatty acids (Parent Omega 6 and Parent omega 3) because they easily absorb oxygen.

In order to get the sufficient PEOs that our body requires, we need to consume them in a daily basis. We need to consume them in their “Parent” form or they should be in their whole form. There are derivatives sold in commercial stores, but they are not effective, in fact they could be dangerous to your health. One sample of derivatives is fish oil supplements. Health food stores often sell them.

PEOs in their “Parent” form great sources are from the food that we eat. They are fresh fruits and vegetables, even meat, but just from cattle that eats grass which is a great source of PEOs. Certain oils and nuts are also great sources of PEOs like walnuts and almonds. We need to get PEOs from outside because our body can’t manufacture them.

These are the important fats that our body needs are unsaturated fats, they are needed in order to function normally. An “Unsaturated” fat easily absorbs oxygen and saturated fat does not easily react with, or absorb, the oxygen and other biological substances that come into contact with it.  If these essential fats are absent in our cell membranes, cells would starve for oxygen even though your blood were oxygen rich.


Mike Maunu – Founder