Increase Athletic Performance With PEOs

PEOsParent Essential Oils or PEOs are human body’s natural building blocks of anabolic steroids which are produced from cholesterol. To increase athletic performance, the answer is the PEO Solution. Based on science, PEOs allows athletes to increase endurance and decrease recuperation time, which is a winning combination. Athletes attain a higher threshold before that (lactic) acid burn so that they have more endurance and need less recuperation after strenuous activity. Athlete’s muscles increase if they can push more weight. When the body recovers faster using less energy on repair, then the muscles grow bigger and faster.

The athlete’s eye-hand coordination improves with PEOs. Nerves are made, in part, from these essential oils. It has been proven by a world’s #1 snooker 2002 champion, Peter Ebson that with “Parent” omega oils, his endurance and focus increased and his eye-hand coordination has been improved. Practically, any athlete in any sports will see an improvement in eye-hand coordination. These are just a few of the benefits that athletes can expect from PEOs. There are also other advantages that PEO Solution gives to all athletes regardless of age. These essential oils helps improve exercise tolerance, better and fast recovery, help give greater intensity and less injury. If athletes were impressed by the short-term performance benefits of PEOs, then they will be more impressed from the continued use of these special oils. PEOs help lean body mass increase while the total body fat mass decreases, which is actually a perfect scenario for any aspiring bodybuilder.


Mike Maunu – Founder