PEOs-Based Diet is Essential Than Carbohydrate-Based Diet

PEOs-Based DietOur body does need zero carbohydrates. It has been confirmed by the science-based book, Nutrition for Fitness and Sport by Melvin H. Williams. The government, nutritional experts and even physicians have told us that we should consume lots of carbohydrates, but it is not right. Our body does not need lots of carbohydrates. Our body can adapt to a carbohydrate-free diet and it can even produce the glucose it needs from parts of the fats and protein that we consume every day. What our body needs is lots of PEOs. Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) can’t be manufactured by our body. We can only get them when we consume fresh fruits, meat, raw vegetables and even some seeds.

Dr. Williams used the word “adapt,” to a minimum carbohydrate diet. A minimum diet of glycemic carbohydrates is your body’s natural state and its unnatural state is an overload of glycemic carbohydrates.  If you have a high carbohydrate diet, the more you eat, the more you eat. Eating carbohydrate-based diet like cakes, cookies, chips, pizza, popcorn, potato chips and more junks, the hungrier you will get. A CARBOHYDRATE craving is a sign of PEO deficiency. Satisfy what your body needs by eating the right kind of food and your appetite will naturally be filled.

The solution to lessen your appetite or stop your food cravings is eating foods that contain lots of PEOs. Our body needs PEOs daily and we need more to fulfill our daily requirement. PEOs help stop our food cravings as well as help lessen our appetite.


Mike Maunu – Founder