The “Living Foods” Program and PEOs

living foodsPeople that are eating Living Foods tend not to have a weight problem. The Living Food diet is a great way to fulfill the daily requirement of PEOs in your body. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of PEOs. Professor Brian Peskin has implemented consuming lots of fruit in his diet and he confirmed superb results. It includes increased energy, fulfillment of craving for sweets and weight loss.

Calorie count is strictly unnecessary if you just follow the Living Food program. However, there is a striking convergence. The Living Food diet is simply loaded with unadulterated PEOs in their native, nature-made state. If you are not a fan of fresh vegetables, you can supplement your PEOs with oils from nuts, seeds and meat from grass eater animals.

There are PEOs in green leafy vegetables, fruits and most all living plant products, but you need to eat lots of them. There are also PEOs is cattle, cows get all the Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 they need from grass. Grass is one of the rare plant foods which is extremely high in Parent omega, but nature ensures that cows “burn” or oxidize most of it, so Parent omega 6 becomes concentrated in their tissues and organs.

PEOs playa great part in our health, therefore we need to consume them daily. PEOs easily burn and we need to replenish them as much as we can that’s why we need to consume fresh fruits and vegetables as well as meat from grass-eater animals like cattle.


Mike Maunu – Founder