The Truth about Parent Omega 6

It has been reported that patients are “overdosed” with too much omega 6. However, this report is not true. To have a good health, your body requires a preponderance of dietary Parent omega 6 that is unadulterated and not processed by food manufacturers in order to extend the shelf-life of food. Omega 6

  1. When tissue analysis is performed, the average person has approximate 11:1 Parent omega 6 to Parent omega 3 in tissues and organs. Your body requires much more Parent omega 6 than Parent omega 3. In fact, most Parent omega 3 is oxidized or burned for energy unless the excess is so great that it can’t all be used, and a portion is inadequately incorporated into tissue.


  1. The majority of Parent omega 6 is adulterated and not totally usable. All restaurant/supermarket commercial cooking oil is adulterated and not fully useful. PEOs must be unprocessed or organically processed to guarantee full functionality and bioavailability. Adulterated parents yield adulterated omega 6 derivatives!


  1. Neither Parent omega 3 nor its derivatives is ever used for baking or frying. Parent omega 3 is far too reactive and spoils much too easily (like rotten fish). So adulteration of Parent omega 3 is a small, irrelevant issue. Adulteration of Parent omega 6 is by far the more significant issue.


Parent omega 6 dominates in tissue and organ structure. It must therefore dominate in plasma lipids. If omega 6 is the only PEOs used in cooking, then if nothing is done to offset its adulteration, all organs, tissues, cells (100 trillion cells), and cellular mitochondria have impaired membranes. Every patient should be aware that PEOs are the ultimate natural energy drink because they increase cellular oxygenation. Carbohydrate-based or caffeinated/stimulant “energy” drinks are not the answer.


Mike Maunu – Founder