Protein For Bedtime Snack

protein-rich foodsBedtime snack is one of the most precious times several people look forward to. That’s the time where they can finally relax, watch their favorite shows or game on TV and read their favorite books while eating. When eating snack at night, you should avoid carbohydrates and make protein as your #1 food. Carbohydrates will make you up all night needing lots of water, make you sweat a lot as your body tries to get that poisonous sugar out of your system, and you will feel like you have a baseball in your gut. With protein and a bit of natural fat, none of that nuisance will happen. That means you can have celery stuffed with cream cheese or a handful of organic nuts, like pecans or almonds, with some freshly made whipped cream. But you have to only use a teaspoon of sugar for a few cups of whipped cream. You can also have a big steak! Isn’t it great?! Meat is a great source of protein, that’s why steak is healthy and it also contains lots of PEOs. Those nuts mentioned are also great source of PEOs, they are plan-based sources of protein and PEOs.

Another tip is, you can alternate eating protein and carbohydrate if you want to get lean and stay lean-for-life. Protein helps burn fats fast. During Friday night and Saturday the whole day, you can eat what you want. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how what you want changes. A little bit of cake and ice cream goes a long way toward satisfaction and fulfillment. Starting Sunday, you can eat more protein-rich foods as well as PEOs-rich foods like natural/organic red meat, nuts, fish, eggs, cheese. You have to try it and you’ll agree. Nothing beats an energized, great Monday morning in which you feel great and look awesome.


Mike Maunu – Founder