Stop Carbohydrate Addiction To Lose Weight


Everywhere you go, men and women always complain about sweets and carbohydrate addiction. Addictions can kill you, whether it is a drug addiction or carbohydrate addiction. With one you will die with a needle in your arm, while the other can cause a heart attack that can kill. In both cases, your body is craving for a substance that is harmful to your body when overdosed. Just like carbs, when you consume more than your body can allow like pizzas, hot fudge and sundaes, French fries and more your health is at stake and your body will look awful.

Carbohydrates are the #1 reason acid reflux and burning stomach. Carbohydrate foods are composed of sugars and starches. Carbohydrates are everywhere, they include bread, candy, cereal, certain vegetables, fruits, ice cream, milk, pasta, pizza, popcorn, potatoes, soda and more. But regardless of whether the carbohydrate is simple (sugar) or complex (starch), sweet, salty or bland, it is still glucose (sugar). All carbohydrates are derived from sugar. Grain foods are almost entirely made up of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are not your body’s preferred energy source. Everyone believes including athletic trainer, nutritionist and physicians that carbohydrate is the number one energy source. This is the tragic reason why many Americans are overweight. Low consumption of carbohydrates can also help you lose weight. Fatty acids are the major fuel for humans. Your body needs Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) or the Parent Omega 6 and Parent Omega 3 . You can acquire them only from the food that you eat. Their great sources are PEOs-based foods like fresh fruits and vegetables , selected meat (meat that came from grass eater animals) and some nuts like walnuts, almonds and sunflower nuts.


Mike Maunu – Founder