The Truth About Calories

caloriesHumans does not eat calories, humans eat food. Calories are merely a measure of possible energy available from burning each food. This measurement doesn’t take into account what that particular food is being used for by your body. In April 2003, Harvard University found people on a low carbohydrate diet could eat 25,000 more calories than those on a high-carbohydrate diet and at the end of the 12-week study they gained zero pounds. There’s no weight gain. The director of the study was mystified because she too had believed that calorie is calorie, regardless of what food it comes from. She had also been taught that calories in minus calories burned equal how fat you get. This researcher is more than 100 years out of date. There is much more to becoming overweight than this overly simplistic idea.

To make it clear, the living cells are not heat engines. It simply means that it is an unscientific oversimplification to just convert all food to a caloric equivalent and think that is going to dictate how much of your food is burned as energy, versus how much is stored as fat.

If you want to become lean-for-life and stay healthy for the rest of your life, you have to avoid eating high-carbohydrate diet as well as calories. You have to eat more foods that contain essential nutrients that your body needs like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein, natural fats and other vitamins that could help satisfy your appetite. It is also important that you should avoid eating processed foods that are being sold in most commercial restaurants and food chains today.


Mike Maunu – Founder