Why Overuse of Fish Oil Can Cause Health Problems

Fish oil Dr. Carp is quite correct, and his analysis should give pause to anyone taking fish oil supplements prophylactically.  While the autoimmune condition may be lowered, you will at the same time be compromising your entire immune system. In this case fish oil is acting much like a steroid, negatively impacting your body’s EFA-related eicosanoid metabolism. This is why they are so problematic and must always be given under direct physician monitoring. Steroids are good if the patient has inflammation that must be reduced while under close monitoring by a physician. However, no competent physician would ever prescribe steroids prophylactically since steroids can compromise your entire immune system.

This is exactly the case with fish oil. Millions of people are taking marine-based oils prophylactically when they don’t have an autoimmune disorder. To make matters worse, their health status is not physician monitored. With so many taking fish oil supplements, no wonder patients are now routinely sicker with more colds, flu, and other ailments caused by a compromised immune system.

A much better solution is to understand that PEOs alone often allow production of sufficient derivatives to help these conditions, without the problematic lowering of the entire immune system. Therefore, PEOs alone should be prescribed first. Taking a substance like fish oil prophylactically can bring about a great tragedy. Like steroids, fish oil may have a place in treating specific autoimmune diseases under direct physician care, for a finite period of time. Just like steroids, overuse of fish oil can cause a host of problems.


Mike Maunu – Founder